In the thinking room…

Our actions are often the last step of every thought we concive hence the aspect of thinking becomes a very vital process in what we do to achieve anything in life. Every person has a different environment which helps ease out the process of thinking hence difference in quality of the thoughts we produce .... Continue Reading →

Be yourself.

In a world where we live in pressure to achieve, we often get derailed to assume other people's lives to be our lives which is a mere goose chase as my say. The unique thing about success in each and everyone of us lies in the amount of potential that lies within us but most... Continue Reading →

Sieze the day! (Carpe diem)

Achieving something in a single day can be one of the easiest or the hardest tasks depending on the way we plan our days. A productive day also varies from one person to another which makes the great difference of where we lie in our personal lives. This difference is defined by clear goals we... Continue Reading →

My Family Kenya.

It is another time in our lives where we get to re-write history by choosing our next group of leaders who shall lead us for the next term. We all have Opinions on who we believe is suitable to lead this amazing country of ours and that is a great thing. Like every family lineage,... Continue Reading →

The planet of your goals.

The earth has always been the place we call home ever since we were born and this is due the conditions that make it conducive for human existence and other living things. These conditions make life easier to live here than any other planet but most of all, the fact that earth is the only... Continue Reading →

Before the journey to success.

Our human lifetyles vary from one person to another depending on the different homes and continents we humans come from. The series of experiences that we go through help us evolve to the intelligent people we become in adulthood. This also applies to the list of responsibilities that gets longer as we grow older hence,... Continue Reading →


It has been spoken about so many times that it is going to sound like a broken record when i speak about it once more but ouh well!...Am definetly not going to be the last person to emphasize on it's importance.  We all have bodies that run on systems that hold us together with the... Continue Reading →

Money Spending tales.

The weekend is here once again,and the spending levels are always a notch higher during this period where we often wannt to go out of our way to make our off days epic. It's without a doubt the most hard thing  to not spend the money we make, but it's possible to make a balance... Continue Reading →

It’s about time!

The space between sunrise and sunset is defined by the measure of time we all have in our days. This is why we have seasons that come and go, deadlines to meet and also plans to be accomplished. Time is the treadmill that takes us to all thes commitments we set ahead in our lives.... Continue Reading →

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