Walk the talk.

Actions are  everything when it comes to the things we do everyday. Sometimes we need some verbal motivation which helps us see the reason to pursue whatever we would want to pursue with a more aggressive spirit. This is because the mouth has always good at what it does in motivating the mind yet again... Continue Reading →


It’s all around you.

The world that we live in is moved by the decisions that great minds have made to change the state of things today. Many magnificent achievements have been made by humanity giving us understanding of the possibilities that we are capable of as humans. It is a long path to the point we can say... Continue Reading →

What’s your happiness?

What do you do that makes your day fill fulfilled? Is it the completion of a day's task? Or doing a chapter of your favourite book? Better yet a great work out session ? We all have something that leaves our days fullfilled and that becomes part of the reason why we wake up each... Continue Reading →

Silent doing. 

In the life we live,talking has always been used to describe the things we do. The practise that has been perfected over the years to excite the way we express our doing but one practical bit has always been over looked,the action. This has always been the breakeven factor in our lives that clearly distinguishes... Continue Reading →

The Circles of our lives.

From the first day when we were born, we are surrounded by people who guide our lives to turn out upright according to the expectations of life. We are born into a life that has parents ,relatives ,guardians ,friends and other people who we come across as we grow. The reason why our lives turn... Continue Reading →

Explore the limitless.

There is a point in our lives where we branch out and take the different paths that were designed for our lives as part of advancing in life. While growing, some of us had thought that our life journeys are the same but it changes when we take up individual paths to pursue our own... Continue Reading →

Chase an ambition.

As we live, we are accompanied by goals that we seek to achieve in the course of our lifetimes. It's often confused as a maze of sorts by many people in the chase leaving many in a tangled web they have to untangle for the rest of their lives. This journey however, has it's components... Continue Reading →

In the thinking room…

Our actions are often the last step of every thought we concive hence the aspect of thinking becomes a very vital process in what we do to achieve anything in life. Every person has a different environment which helps ease out the process of thinking hence difference in quality of the thoughts we produce .... Continue Reading →

Be yourself.

In a world where we live in pressure to achieve, we often get derailed to assume other people's lives to be our lives which is a mere goose chase as my say. The unique thing about success in each and everyone of us lies in the amount of potential that lies within us but most... Continue Reading →


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